Introducing Essentials

Our Essentials range is a leading environmentally friendly brand in the away-from-home tissue market and is European Eco-Label accredited. Focused predominantly on 100% recycled material, Essentials covers an extensive range of toilet tissue, hand drying & surface wiping options to cater for a wide range of workplace hygiene needs.

Essentials products are readily used in catering, healthcare, industrial/manufacturing and many other market sectors. With such a wide range of products featuring different core sizes, widths, colours and ply variations there is sure to be an Essentials product that can fulfil your specific needs.

Our national networks of field representatives combined with our internal customer service team are able to deal with any enquiry quickly and effectively. This is supported by our UK and European logistics team helping us to deliver on our promises for an efficient process from order right through to delivery.


Our Essentials range is a leading environmentally friendly brand in the tissue market and is European Eco Label accredited. The range focuses on recycled products that have been ethically sourced from reputable mills which are trusted to supply a consistently high quality raw material.

All products within the Essentials range meet the CHSA soft tissue standard so you can be sure that the product matches the specifications on the label.

The Essentials range is also classified as food safe giving our partners in the catering and food processing sectors peace of mind when purchasing hand drying & wiping products.


Northwood is a group of associated companies that provide the manufacturing, supply and transportation of away-from-home professional paper hygiene products. Northwood incorporates Northwood Recycling and Northwood Tissue for the manufacture & supply of raw material (‘parent’ reels), Northwood Hygiene Products for converting and supply of finished product and Northwood Logistics for distribution.

The Essentials brand is manufactured by Northwood Hygiene Products Ltd, a leading converter and supplier of professional hygiene paper products into the away-from-home market sector. With a large portfolio of market leading brands Northwood Hygiene has the ideal solutions for dispensing, wiping and commodity business needs.

Continual investment in the latest production technology across our three manufacturing sites enables us to operate efficiently and react quickly to the requirements of our customers.

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Northwood Brands

Essentials products are complimented by a wide range of washroom and wiping products across a number of supporting brands within Northwood.

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